Using AI to understand a very human experience.


Patients in the US can be subject to an overwhelming array of marketing materials. But which are truly effective in helping guide their decisions? And how has the pandemic changed the game?

Our client, an innovative developer of gene therapy products, took the bold step of undertaking a root and branch review of nearly 250 marketing materials to identify which to continue and which to lose in  a changed world of healthcare.

+ idea

We knew that AI held the answer, and that we’d need to develop a sophisticated measure of success for each and every asset. We began by creating a standardized taxonomy, before mapping every asset to stages of the patient journey – cataloged by a range of factors. A parallel field force survey provided qualitative feedback on each asset.

The next step was a comprehensive marking performance audit, taking in two years’ worth of data from six partners, 250 assets and more than 80 different metrics.

We then identified patterns and trends, and established key benchmarks, before weighing, ranking and prioritizing the asset performance results into a simple numeric score – something tangible to shape the next year’s marketing plans.

= impact!

The process was sophisticated, but the answers were simple. Our client was able to identify which assets and campaigns were most effective for their patients.

Data collected along the way allowed us to paint a comprehensive picture of the patients, including their channel preferences, their thoughts and feelings, and the information they needed from the brand.

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