Samaritans & Network RailSaving lives on the railway.


A typically British comment about the weather could save someone’s life. That was the finding of new research suggesting that suicidal thoughts are often temporary and can be interrupted. Our challenge from Samaritans, Network Rail, and the British Transport Police was to land this important message and prevent suicide on the railway.

Small Talk Saves Lives | Mind+Matter

+ idea

A chat is all it takes to set someone on the road to recovery. We shared this simple story across social, TV, cinema, and media to move the public from ‘bystanders to standing by’ in this omnichannel campaign. From its insight-driven planning, through two emotive films and media and measurement strategies, every element of Small Talk Saves Lives has been recognised by awards panels. Each part of the campaign worked hard to show that ‘you have all the experience you need to save a life’.

= impact!

The campaign resulted in a 20% increase in interventions from the public. Our films have been viewed more than 10 million times, with the campaign generating  hundreds of items of media coverage.

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