Intercept Engaging a misunderstood & alienated patient community.


If you’ve been diagnosed with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), you’ve probably been told you’re a complainer, a liar, or even a closet alcoholic along the way. HCPs are often dismissive of the symptoms of PBC, leaving this patient population of women over 40 feeling deeply isolated—unable to talk about this difficult disease with loved ones for fear of ‘complaining’.

Intercept Pharmaceuticals had a double dilemma: how do you launch an entirely new second-class line of medicines for a rare condition like this? More importantly, how do you reach and empower a group of people who’ve been ignored or even actively shunned?

+ idea

We knew it wasn’t just HCPs who didn’t really ‘get’ PBC—patients also struggled to explain it to friends and family. We had to help them find their voice, find their courage.

So we created PBC Post, a series of greeting cards designed to make it easier to start those difficult conversations. Some were funny, some gentle—all were deeply authentic and empathetic.

And this was just the start; through our website, patients told their own unique stories, customising their own greeting cards to print and send home.

Engaging a misunderstood & alienated patient community campaign

= impact!

Nearly half a million unique users engaged with content dedicated to this rare disease. And nearly a third of these were returning visitors, getting more value out of the content and resources.

This was a major win for our client:

“In the end, preparing the market and strengthening the community not only helped the team accomplish their business goals—it truly made a difference in the lives of people suffering from a rare and progressive disease.” – Client

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