GSKPainting a picture of life with COPD


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (or COPD) usually comes with some baggage. People feel stigmatised or even that they’ve brought their condition upon themselves. And when you throw in the fact that patients often feel unable to participate in social activities, it adds up to a hugely isolating experience.

Our challenge from GSK was to help create a community of mutual support.

+ idea

First, we listened. We listened to the data and the experiences of patients, before we set to work building a safe space online. This would be a place where patients with COPD could share stories, feel supported, and rethink how they view and manage their condition.

We drew on data to pinpoint the right place and the right time to reach our audience. And to get the conversations started, we produced a gallery of vivid, beautifully illustrated images that brought to life the authentic experiences patients had shared with us.

= impact

A self-governing online community of patients with COPD emerged in just 12 months—a community who increasingly engaged with messages, content, and most importantly each other.

The campaign achieved millions of views from a specialist COPD audience, prompting around 100,000 clicks for more information and unique visits to the COPD Choices site.

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