AlexionShifting disease focus creates first-in-class need.


The debilitating effects of generalized myasthenia gravis (gMG) are all too well understood. This chronic, neuromuscular autoimmune disease affects movement and function throughout the body, from breathing and swallowing to walking and talking.

But there was a huge gap in clinical knowledge. The neurological community lacked understanding about the destructive role of the complement pathway at the neuromuscular junction of patients with gMG and anti-acetylcholine receptor (AChR) autoantibodies.

In its plainest terms, this meant patients were just not getting the treatment they needed. And if a life-changing answer came along, would HCPs even recognise it?

+ idea

We brought high science and the human cost of gMG home to HCPs in a global awareness campaign focused on patients’ loss of their ‘former self’.

Data and the emotional truth of the patient experience came together in urgent, compelling education that closed the knowledge gap and set the scene for a first-in-class treatment.

Elevated by striking illustrations and data-driven messaging, we made the role of complement activity in anti-AChR+ gMG crystal clear for our audience.


= impact!

In the global approval and launch of the product, HCPs now had a one-of-a-kind therapy to target the complement pathway, addressing this unmet need in patients with refractory anti-AChR+ gMG.

Together, the omnichannel disease and brand campaigns sped the adoption of this extraordinary innovation. Most importantly, we hope to have helped more patients live more satisfying lives.

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